Paint chip crafts: Baby mobile

It is wise to avoid bad karma. This is a reminder as to how you obtain the paint chip samples that are so fun and easy to use in so many crafts. Local stores are happy to save the outdated colors and give them to you freely. Just taking them from the display is an invitation for bad karma to come knocking at your door. Just don’t do it. Go through the proper channels to get your paint chip cards.

Baby mobiles are placed over a crib safely above the infant. No part of the baby mobile should ever be low enough that the baby can actually touch or reach it. This is a safety issue. The purpose of the mobile is so the infant with use eyes to focus and muscles to reach for the items, but never touch them.

There are several ways to use paint chips in the construction of a baby mobile. Three methods will be discussed here. Paint chip mobiles are easy to make. Purchase the mobile base you like with music or lights. The paint chip figures will dangle from the traditional base.

One of the easiest paint chip mobiles is to fold simple box shapes. The strips that have several shades of the same color make this especially quick and easy. First glue the fishing line or cord on the inside of the paint chip card and then fold and glue it into a box shape. Make different sizes and colors. Have the cords or fishing line come out at different angles and there will be plenty of variety.

No craft box is fully equipped without woodies. These are miniatures of the Popsicle stick. There are more uses for woodies than you can shake a stick at. For this project glue a solid box with the hanging material inside and coming out of a corner. Use the paint chips just like you would siding on a house. Hang them from the mobile base.

Now that they have great can openers that made the lids come off with a safe edge, there are many more crafts that these lids can be used for. Take a paper punch and get a wide variety of fun colors from the paint chips. Use an awl to punch holes all around the edges.

Take decoupage medium and spread it across the lid. Arrange your paint circles on the lids. Allow them to dry. Coat them again with two coats. Be sure to let them dry completely before applying the next coat. Attach them to the baby mobile base.

This is a fun way to use paint chip samples to enhance any nursery.


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