Some thoughts on friendship today

I have been thinking a lot about friendships. I found that I am involved in a few one-way friendships. You know, the kind where they call when they have a problem and want help. And then if you have something to say about your life, the phone goes dead.

Today I stopped one of those. Notice I didn’t say ended, I said stopped. She is constantly complaining about her life and problems and does nothing to fix them. She doesn’t ask how I am.

Yesterday she left a message that said I had to call her. I text and told her that I was not working so she could call when she got up.

She wanted to tell me her daughter called to get a Netflix password. Funny ~ this was the daughter she complained to me about and asked for help and she just happily gave her what she wanted and moved on.

I couldn’t say anything nice. I asked if she had anything else to talk about and she said no. I said, “Then I will let you go.” and hung up.

I am not going to beat my head on a wall in hopes that someday it will turn into a door.


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