How to crochet a miter joint

A mitered joint is one that forms a corner.  Both sides come in forty-five degree angles.  A mitered square that is crocheted has a forty-five degree angle running through the center of  the square.

Many people enjoy crocheting in blocks because it makes a project more portable.  One can take a hook and a skein of yarn almost anywhere.  Crocheting can be done in the car, while waiting to pick up the children.  It can be done in doctor’s office waiting for an appointment.  It becomes a multitasking opportunity.  It can be tucked in a purse or tossed in a bag.

The mitered square is solid. That makes for a heavy and durable afghan.  Done in a light crochet thread they can be joined to make a beautiful pieced tablecloth. It will have some body to soak up spills. They can be combined to make larger patchwork designs as well.

There are at least two different ways to make the mitered squares.  Directions for both methods will be provided.

Predetermined Size:

With this pattern there is a predetermined size for the block.  The outer edges are done first and then worked in towards the middle.

A size I crochet hook is a good size to learn a new stitch and be able to see the work.

Chain 36.

Row 1: 1 sc in 2nd chain from the hook. 1 sc in each chain to the end of the chain. Turn. Place a marker on center stitch.


Row 2: Work in the back loops only, Ch 1, 1 sc in each sc until 1 stitch before the marker.  Skip over the next sc, 1 sc in the marked stitch. Skip over the next sc. 1 sc in each of sc to the end of the row.


Repeat Row for 15 additional rows. 3sc.

The final row of the square is worked from the wrong side. Ch 1 (work in the back loop only) Draw up a loop in the next st – 3 times. Yarn over hook and draw through all 4 loops on hook (st 3 tog made) fasten off.

As Large as you like:

This method works by increasing in the center stitch of each row.  This pattern grows from the corner outward.

Ch 2

Row 1: 3 sc in the second stitch from hook. 1 sc. Ch1

Row 2: 1 sc, 3 sc in the next stitch (mark the center stitch of 3) 1sc.

Row 3: 2 sc, 3 sc in next stitch (mark the center stitch of 3) 2 sc.

Row 4: 3 sc, 3 sc in next stitch (mark the center stitch of 3) 3 sc


Continue on adding a sc crochet on each side of the increase until the block reaches the desired size.

Blocks are a great way to crochet many items. Essentially any block pattern can be swapped out with another kind of block.  So feel free to patchwork with crochet.


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