I’m okay

If you need a lesson in life spend some time with a child. they are able to say and do things in the moment. They understand the meaning of now.

My grandson is famous for falling, jumping or wrecking and calling out “I’m okay”. There is a deep lesson there and it has taken me quite awhile to truly understand it and yet, this morning the light turned on. Now that I get it, my job is to implement it.

When things happen and I get discourage I need to be like my grandson.

“That hurt, but I’m okay.”

“Oops, that was dumb, but I’m okay.”

“Wow, embarrassing, but I’m okay.”

“That news is bad, but I’m okay.”

When I am okay I don’t demand things from others. I don’t need their approval and I can enjoy compliments when they come as a gift. I don’t need to be perfect and I am okay being better five minutes at a time.

Acknowledge what happened and then, like my grandson, be okay.


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