Why 99¢?

This post is an answer to a sincere question that someone posed to me. The books that I publish are currently 99¢. A very concerned business mentor said that I was simply selling myself short and people don’t see any value if something is 99¢.

I learned the penny theory from my mom. She never left a penny on the ground, it was always picked up and put in a special bank. She would say aloud every time she put a penny in, “thank you for the gift”. If we wanted something special we could check the gift bank and see if we had enough pennies. Eventually, there would be enough. It is my firm belief than anyone can find 99¢ in two weeks if they just pay attention to the floor and the street.

If I am ever going to become a rich and famous author by self publishing I am going to do 99¢ at a time. I am a realist, so lets look at the math. My most recent book, which is quite short, has taken me 100 hours of joy to write. If I were getting minimum wage that would be 7.25 an hour.  That would mean to break even I would have to make $725.00. Now since I only get royalties I would have to sell 2071 copies to break even. Could it happen? Yes. Has it happened yet? No.

So why would I stick to that 99¢? Every book was written to be read and it should be read. It is not unreasonable to think that 2071 people can see the value of spending 99¢, if only to let one author know that they have been heard.


Am I crazy?



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