Adult ADHd

Adult attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (adult ADHD) is a mental health condition. It causes hyperactivity, inattention and impulsive behaviors. About 4% of the adult population are believed to have ADHD.

There are some signs to look for if you suspect ADHD.

* Extreme procrastination

This is not a small problem of just letting a few things go by the wayside. It is about putting everything off or leaving it half done. Bills may go unpaid, not because there is no money, but it has been a task that got interrupted. Things are put off until the very last second or until someone else enters the picture and forces the ADHD patient to complete the task.

* Can not relax

Even sitting through a movie is tough for someone with Adult attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder. The mind does not focus on the movie. The need to fidget and move becomes overwhelming. The person may get up several times and become frustrated about missing part of the movie while they are gone. There is no real downtime until there is sleep.

* Smoking

Almost 40% of adults with ADHD are smokers. Nicotine is an effective tool to lessen some of the symptoms. Of course, the damage to the body outweighs any positive effect. You will notice that when an ADHD stops smoking other issues will become more obvious.

* Impulsive behaviors

One of the symptoms is a wide variety of impulsive behaviors. He may blurt out anything on his mind without consideration of consequences. She might just quit her job on a whim because there was a little tension in the office. Impulsive buying with no regards to extreme debt, is often a problem.

* Previous academic problems

Most adults with ADHD actually have had the issue their whole life. Many times it went undiagnosed as a child. A child may have had issues with grades and behaviors in school.

* Very disorganized

Stacks of paper everywhere and no one can find anything. Books, dishes and anything can end up anywhere.

*  Quick tempers

Many people with ADHD have quick tempers. Anger flies before there is time to think or process what the accurate situation is. It is not a once in awhile behavior, it is more than normal.

* Problems at work

Clearly all the other symptoms play right into work and holding down a job. With all the explosives and drama the boss has to be very understanding or the employee with ADHD has to be in treatment and have some control.

* Relationship issues

Often times there are multiple marriages and big problems. It takes a very understanding mate, especially if the person has not been properly diagnosed.

If these symptoms are prevalent in someone’s life, get them help. There are things that can be done to help facilitate a more manageable life.



2 thoughts on “Adult ADHd

  1. I used to be very disorganized, well, I still am to a point. I never really had a problem when I was working, I did get into it with a supervisor only because he was a dick head. But everything else sounds just like me.

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