Clean your washing machine

When you think of all the dirty things that go in a washing machine it is easy to understand how remnants can get left behind. These can cause odors, inefficiency, and generally your clothes will not be clean. Cleaning and deodorizing your washing machine should be part of an overall cleaning plan.

There are some general guidelines that help keep the washer cleaner and requires less cleaning. lt is important to remove the clothes as soon as the washing cycle is completed. Damp dark places encourage the growth of mildew and bacteria. Leave the lid open so the inside of the washer can dry.

If the soap dispensers, bleach dispenser and fabric softener dispensers can be removed from the machine, these should be taken out and clean thoroughly at least once a month.Commercial fabric softeners often have a wax base that gums up the machine. For those who prefer a more green method, vinegar makes an excellent fabric softener. (No, the clothes won’t  smell like vinegar or any of the fun aromas that commercial fabric softeners offer.)

If you have pets or if there is an excessive amount of hair in the family, the only real way to get it out of the machine is to it out. This is another task that should be done at least once a month to help reduce issue with the washing machine.

Once you have vacuumed everything out and taken care of dispensers is it time to work on the deodorizing of the things you can not see. Tide offers a washing machine cleaner. You simply pour the pack in a top loading machine in the tub, on a front load it goes in the soap dispenser and run the machine with the hottest water setting. It works well, but it is a little expensive and not very “green”.

Another choice would be to bleach out the machine. It is effective, but again, it creates chemicals in the water table.

You can accomplish the same results by using a cup of white vinegar and doing the the same thing. This is a greener approach. It will smell while washing, but the odor quickly dissipates.   It is important to take a cloth and clean all the rubber seals and hard to reach places. Mildew can build up very quickly. It often goes unseen if regular cleaning is not done.

The bottom line is that if you want clean clothes, they need to be laundered in clean machines. Don’t  forget to put appliance cleaning on your to-do list.


One thought on “Clean your washing machine

  1. I have a hard time cleaning my washing machine due to its location. I hate that its even in the kitchen.

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