Will work for benefits

The sign that hung above the desk for many years said “I will work for benefits”. It was basically a true statement. The wage I was earning was barely covering my 100 mile daily commute. I worked two days to pay for gas, one day to pay for benefits and one day for profit. So what kept me driving and working for “the company”?

Seriously, it was the benefits. What kinds of benefits make it worth almost no profit? There are a few. Some of them are fairly traditional and others are more job specific or perks. I will share with you what kept me at the same job for over 15 years.

~Education benefits

My employer paid a large part of my education bill. Between reimbursement from the company and scholarships I was able to get a graduate degree long after I had gotten a bachelor degree. It paid off in a big way. They also offered continuing education classes on property and on line.

~Volunteer opportunities

I like to be involved in worthy projects. If I gave my company two weeks advance lead time I was able to get time off for volunteer projects. I would have had to miss a lot of opportunities to serve if they had not been so flexible with my schedule. It is a great way to network and meet new people.

~Travel benefits

They worked out deals with the travel industry. We were able to get low airfare, good cruise deals and great car rental deals. Helping to enjoy time away from work at a lower expense is always a good thing.

~Wellness program

We had a gym on property. For those of us who needed to lose weight there were programs at work. Counselors were available once a week for other concerns. They encouraged us to be proactively healthy.

~Retirement benefits

Great retirement benefits including profit sharing and stock purchase made the down payment on our new home.

~Company discounts

Everyone loves paying less for anything.


~Health insurance

This is something that is easy to take for granted until you have to have a surgery. When the first bill came in after the surgery I saw the whole picture.

~Paid vacation

What’s not to love about getting paid to play? That doesn’t happen with our business we own at home!

~Direct deposit

Once upon a time I may not have listed something so simple. However, I have finally come to realize how valuable my personal time is. Taking time to go to the bank and deposit a check, not to mention gas prices, is just not worth it. This is a true benefit.

~Disability insurance

Again, my short term disability carried me through my surgery with no financial concerns. I didn’t think about it until I needed it.

~Dental insurance

Is there anything more painful than an infected tooth?


~Life insurance

I didn’t have to experience this, but when my friend’s husband passed away he was covered under our plan. She was able to keep her house.

Yes, benefits are a reason to work and work hard.


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