Habitat for birds

The main reason that birds become endangered is lack of habitat. The best thing that individuals can do is become involved in finding ways to keep the habitat we have and live in harmony with birds and animals. Make sure that human waste and toxins are not creating problems with the natural habitat of the birds.

Start simple by creating habitat in one’s own yard and on privately owned land. For example, There are several trees on the property that are old and mostly dead. They are not very attractive. However, there are 6 pairs of bald eagles that find these trees perfect for nesting. They are right along the river where food is plentiful and they seem to like the dead trees. Those trees will not be cut down as long as the eagles keep coming. It is their home as well.

You can plant flowers, trees, and shrubs in our yard that are conducive to bird habitat. Carefully chose them for that purpose. We have hummingbird feeders out with nectar to help make sure there is enough food.

Notice in parks in the city and apartment complexes with ponds. Canadian geese come and raise their young every year. Golf courses seem to be another prime location for waterfowl. Most parks and courses seem to welcome the birds.

Many organizations dedicate time and money to saving habitat. Examine their goals and methods closely and if you agree to join the cause. Often times there are local programs to plant trees. Most areas have land set aside for these kind of projects.

Recently we were able to see a condor in the Grand Canyon. They had donation boxes set up for the release of more of these huge and magnificent birds to be released into the park. I was anxious to donate to the cause.

There are reserves in many areas that take donations and offer service projects.

Support rescue ranches where injured birds are rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

You don’t have to be a radical or donate money you can’t afford. You can show and interest and plant a tree. Pay attention to things that are happening in your area. The division of fish and game has information and programs


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