Riot has me angry

The riot has been bothering me. I don’t understand the mentality. I applaud the mother, Toya Graham, who pulled her son from the riot. I don’t care what her intention was. She was at least parenting. Where were all the other parents?

The high school kids were not misguided youth. They were throwing bricks, burning cars, and being criminals. Parents were aware the kids were being released early. Why were they not at the school picking up their children? Why didn’t they “guide” them in a different direction? Why did the Mayor back down? She lost all my respect.

I wish I could just forget it and let it go. It didn’t happen in my neighborhood. I am not going to do anything to help the situation. If people are so uneducated that they believe burning down their own neighborhood will somehow benefit their circumstances there is not much I am willing to do.

In our community instead of letting school out early, they would have been put in lock down until a parent came to get them. They knew what was planned. So it would appear to me that very few adults stood up and did what was needed.

I wrote an open letter to Carl Stokes. You can check it out here.



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