A glue for ever project

There are many choices when it comes to adhesives and glues to use when making craft project. The wrong glue or adhesive can certainly make the difference between a great project and a flop. It is important if following a pattern to use the adhesive suggested. If there are no suggestions one may find some help on choosing the right glue in this article.

*Wood glue

This glue is designed not to sink into the wood, but simply seal to the cells on the outside of the wood. Many types of wood glue include wood fibers as an ingredient. Some wood glues can be stained to match woods and others are stain resistant.

Wood glues are designed to dry thin with no gaps. This is important with most wood projects. Wood glues are available in waterproof, water resistant and interior options.

*Tacky craft glue

Tacky craft glue is a polyvinyl acetate glue. It dries clear and it somewhat flexible. Tacky glue can be used for many projects, but it does discolor some items. It should be checked first before using it on a full project.

Tacky glue is likely to slip off of metal, glass and plastic when it dries. There are other glues that should be used on these type of projects.

*Glue gun with glue sticks

Glue guns and type of adhesives that can be used with them have come a long way. There are many options. There are hot glue guns, low-temperature glue guns, ones with cords, ones without cords and many different types of glues that can be used.

Glue guns do require a certain amount of coordination and practice. With the right kind of gun and glue stick they do have many uses.

*Super glue

There are many used for super glue, and none of them should be used by children. Super glue is known for quick bonding to any surface. They come in very small tubes because just two dabs of super glue will hold. As far as craft projects are concerned, super glue is rarely the best choice for the job.

*Fabric glue

Fabric glue comes in many varieties. Temporary fabric glue is used in place of pinning or basting. It simply holds the fabric in place with another permanent form of holding fabric or embellishments can be completed.

Permanent fabric adhesive will stand up to washing and drying the fabric. It is good for holding sequins and other embellishments.

*Glitter glue

Glitter glue can be used like a basic school glue to attach items. However, the most common use of glitter glue is to simply add glitter and color in a patterned design. It is gooey and sticky, which makes it a favorite for many children. It washes off the skin with soap and water, which may be while adults like children to use it. It is a way to add glitter without the mess

Are these your only choices? No, but enough to get you started.


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