Everyone needs something

I understand the needs. I have them too. I understand that many times they seem very urgent. I believe most times they are not so urgent that they can not be planned ahead.

How can you teach people to plan ahead? It is just the simple things I am looking for. There are four bathrooms in this house. I use one. I don’t know when the other three are nearly out of toilet paper. I only check them once a week.

If someone has had a toilet paper emergency then they should go the pantry and refill or tell me so I can do it. Once a week I make certain there are three extra rolls in each bathroom. First of all, I don’t know what they are doing with the toilet paper. Second, they talk to me every day, how hard is it to say “Grab me some toilet paper”.

Sure there are bigger problems in the world today. In fact this post is useless, UNLESS,  some wonderful person out there has an answer for me. How can I train people to just give me some lead time so I can do as they wish.


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