Ladybug crafts

What is so great about ladybugs?  They are an insect that does not bite or sting.  They are colorful. They eat aphids and help plants stay healthy. They are easy to use as a basis for many different crafts.  Making ladybug crafts is a good way to welcome spring.

 ~ Ladybug Straw Puppet

These are fun to use during story time.  They are easy for almost any age.


*Styrofoam meat trays (Pick them up from the meat department.  They can be disinfected and used from home as well)

*tempera paints, black, red, white



*pencil with a round, unused eraser

*wiggle eyes




  1. Draw the oval shape of a ladybug on the Styrofoam tray.  About one third of the way through the oval draw a capital T.  This gives the child the pattern to for head and wings.
  1. Cut the oval.
  1. Paint over the T with black tempera paint. Allow to dry.
  1. Paint the wings red, leaving the black T in view.  Allow to dry
  1. Paint the head white. Allow to dry.
  1. Tap the eraser lightly in the black paint and used it to make the round black dots on the Ladybug.

7.Glue on the eyes.

  1. Tape the ladybug to the straw


~ Ladybug Crown

It seems that children either love or hate hats and crowns.  This is for those who love them.

*black pipe cleaners

*red construction paper

*black construction paper






  1. Cut several strips of red construction paper 3 1/2 inches wide and as long as the paper allows.
  1. Tape the pieces together end to end.
  1. Measure the child’s head and trim strips accordingly.
  1. Lay the strips out flat.

5.Trace circles onto the black construction paper and cut out the dots.  Glue them to the red strip.

  1. Use red trim ends to make fours hearts per crown.
  1. With the pipe cleaners leave a 1/2 lead and wrap it around the pencil to make  springs or antennas.
  1. Tape one heart at the top of the spring. Glue a second heart to it hiding the pipe cleaner spring between the two.  Do second antenna.
  1. Tape the antennas on the inside of the band either on the sides or in front.
  1. Secure the crown to the proper size and tape.

~ Ladybug Egg Carton

This is not just a craft, it is a game.  Ladybug concentration can be used anytime for matching and memory games.  They are fun and easy to make and replace when it needs to be done.


*egg cartons


* white paint (acrylic)

*red, black paint (tempera)


  1. Cut the egg carton up into single cups. Paint the entire cup white.  Depending on the age of the child making the craft, this part can be done by an adult.  Acrylic  paint does stick to Styrofoam and clothes. So if the children are very young an adult may want to have this portion completed.
  1. Paint the ladybug red. Allow it to dry.
  1. Paint on the black head, wing separations and a few dots.
  1. Let the games begin.

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