Duck crafts!

Ducks can be fun.  There are many songs, stories and fingerplays.  In fact, there is so much a teacher or parent can do with ducks, they can stay in the lesson plans for what seems like forever.  Today it is all about duck crafts.  Lets see what we can find to keep the creative hands busy.

The Rocking Duck

This project is simple.  It may be wise to provide the child with a template for tracing the head of the duck.  The basics for building are scissors, paper plates, glue, crayons and the template.


  1. To use as the body, cut out a circle from the edge of a paper plate.
  1. Trace the shape of the head from the circle that was cut out and attach it to the body with glue.
  1. Fold the 2nd paper plate in half.  Glue the duck onto the folded edge.
  1. Color the duck and color the rocker as the water.
  1. When the duck is pushed along it rocks, just like the child may see a duck as it rides the waves.

The Hand and Plate Duck





*paper plate

*yellow and orange construction paper



*wiggle eyes



  1. Color one side of the paper plate yellow and fold in half, colored side facing out.
  1. Trace both hands in a flat and open position on to the yellow construction paper and cut out.
  1. Take the hands and staple them to one end of the paper plate, making the, the tail feathers of the duck.
  1. Cut a three inch circle for the head.  Glue on wiggly eyes.
  1. Make the bill and fold the end so it sticks out from the face.  Glue on the face.
  1. Make some tulip shaped feet and make sure they are attached with a short strip of paper.  Fold the feet so they are together and the strip between can be put in the paper plate and stapled together.  This should allow the duck to stand up.


The Fluffy Ducklings

These are ducks that are seen from a side view following mom around the pond.  The shape should be a silhouette design.

Things needed:

*card stock in yellow, white and orange

*yellow cotton balls (craft store)



*orange marker

*wiggle eyes


Cut out the silhouette of the mother ducks and as many ducklings as wanted on parade.  Spread glue all over the duckling where fluff is required.  Leave the beak, a place for the eyes and a definition line for the wing.  Glue on the on fluffy yellow cotton balls.

Use the orange markers for the beaks.

Glue on the wiggle eyes and put the whole family on display.

Duck Hat

Every child should have a duck hat.  This craft is all about embellishment and it requires the help of an adult, but it is one that brings joy.  Get a plain yellow baseball cap that fits the child.  Trace a pattern of the bill of the hat on to orange felt two times and have the child cut them out.  Glue the one piece of orange felt.  Glue the other so it hangs down like the duck has an open mouth.  Glue the wiggle eyes to the top of the hat.

Choices are just ducky and there are many choices.



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