Have I done any good?

I have a fascination with old hymns. I like to see that people were thinking about and if they are relevant today. (Actually, it is not just hymns I do it with all sorts of music.) However, this post is about a particular hymn. My mom used to sing it in its entirety every night.  Sometimes when she was done singing she would leave the house for awhile. I never asked her why.

The person who wrote the hymn was Will Lamartine Thomas. He wrote both the lyrics and the music. After several unsuccessful tries at getting his music published, he opened his own publishing company. Eventually he owned a store that sold pianos, organs, and his sheet music.

This quote reminds me of something one of us may say. “No mat­ter where I am, at home or ho­tel, at the store or tra­vel­ing, if an idea or theme comes to me that I deem wor­thy of a song, I jot it down in verse. In this way I ne­ver lose it.”

After thinking about the words of the hymn, I wonder if my Mom left to do some anonymous  kind deed. That would make sense and be very much like her.  Maybe when she was well she never went to bed with helping anyone. She was stubborn and if was a goal she had made, I am very certain she would have been faithful about it.



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