An open letter to Brad Josh

Brad Josh ~

I don’t speak for anyone but myself and yet it is important to say it. Your name and your integrity began with Elite Visitors,  then Best writers and finally World Famous Writers.

The first story, whether it be accurate or not, was that someone else ran away with all the money and no one could get paid. Since even the people who were Administrator’s and helped didn’t get paid, any money that may have come went directly into your pocket. Others graciously agreed to pay cost of the servers to keep the site open as a nonprofit. Those people were blindsided for the second time by your actions.
I don’t know if you are familiar with the term “man up”, but you should learn what it means.

You may have had every right to shut down the site. You did not have the right to erase posts. You could have said “I’m taking it down in 24 get copies of what you want.” A real business man would have done that. You chose to show no integrity.

You could have told your partners that you were shutting the site down instead you left them in the dark and hung out to dry.  You could have given the writers, who made your advertising dollars, at least the courtesy of being able to exchange emails so they could keep in touch. A real business man would have done that. You chose to show no integrity.

Because of your actions the reputations of some very credible people have been tarnished. It is too late to do anything about the site. No one would trust you. It is not too late to at least “man up” and give the public apology that is deserved.  It wouldn’t be much, but at least it would clear the names of those who did nothing wrong. People even said in their post that you were their “good friend”.

I hope that every former writer that was on one of your sites finds and reads this, and posts their feelings publicly too.

5 thoughts on “An open letter to Brad Josh

  1. I shared this on Facebook in group and on my page. I also gave Kisser a link. He said he would make Brad read it.

  2. No use now. A great treachery. Those who eat salt will have to drink water. Wait for the consequences. Thanks to all for everything, including this blow.

  3. If there are people still with a good heart, they may join together and do something to keep this community together and improve it. We have not received any revenue so far. But we had the affection and friendship that kept us all together. I hope you can do something constructively to build this up, instead of dis mantling and destroying it completely!

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