Summer treats with the kids

Summer really is a great time to make some very good treats with the kids. They enjoy creating things and some food just seems to scream summer. If you only make them in  the summertime they are exclusive and will make great memories and strong traditions. Here are some of our favorites.

Kids like dip. You can get them to eat almost any kind of fruit if they can dip it. It is even more fun if you have fruit cutters so the fruit is in fun and different shapes. There are many different dips you can make. This one is a simple stir it up. It wouldn’t fall into the healthy category and it does great it the tasty option. Take one container of cream cheese. (I like to use a flavored one, and plain works as well.) One 15 ounce jar of marshmallow cream and mix them until the color is consistent.  The kids can stir for quite awhile and have fun making it.

Pudding pops are easy to make and for a child they take forever to freeze. So just like the magic of television, you make a batch ahead of time the day before. Let the children know you made these ahead of time and theirs will be ready to eat on another day.

Raspberry banana sherbert is another stir it together and freeze it treat. The kids love the cut up the bananas with a plastic knife. They really can’t get hurt and like enjoy the cutting. You add fresh raspberries and sliced bananas to  softened raspberry sherbet. Pop it in the freezer to set and serve in waffle cups.


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