Parents – there is an advantage

I find myself drawn to the lyrics of many different kinds of songs. Most the time it is the words that bring me coming back. My parents were complete opposites and that was perfect for me. Somehow I came out with some balance.

Father’s Day is coming up and it was easy to decide what we should get Dad. His television has no picture. It is just a bunch of lines. He still has it turned up loud and listens. He says he really doesn’t need one, but there he sits by himself, listening to an old western and some new show that doesn’t make sense. Mom would have gone and bought a little inexpensive television and Dad would have complained about it. So I am taking him a television. He could, but he never would.

You see they needed each other to have a balance. I saw the lyrics of a song. I have no idea who actually sang it. I didn’t know the tune.  But I searched it out.

I am grateful for parents, two of them, that both gave me examples that were very different and very important. I am kind of sad for those who have not had that experience. Not that I don’t believe that are millions of wonderful single parents, I simply would have been too much for one person to handle.



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