Let’s talk about whales

Whales are not big fish. They are aquatic mammals. This means they give birth to live animals, nurse them, breath air and have hair, among other things. There is some difficulty in studying whales, as the ocean is a fairly big home.

There are two subdivisions for whales.  There are whales that have teeth. These whales eat prey like fish, squid, other whales. They are hunters. Baleen whales have a fringe filter in their mouth to catch small fish, crustaceans, and plankton. The largest whales are from the baleen order. The largest whale that was ever successfully measured and weighed was a blue whale. The biggest whale to be accurately measured is a female weighing 177 metric tons. This is equal to 195 short tons. (According to Dimensioninfo)

The songs of whales are particularly interesting. Some think they sound haunting, some think they are beautiful, and everyone seems to agree that they are mysterious. We may never know what the songs mean, but we know they have meaning.

Families or pods are an important part of the  some whales species. They make great migrations and nurse their young for up to a year. There are times that pods travel because of the safety in numbers. There are some species that are often loners.

Blubber, it is a fun word to say. It is what keeps whales from freezing to death in the very cold oceans. It is a layer of fat that insulates the organs of the whale.

This is a simple introduction to whales. There is much more information and they are an interesting aquatic mammal to study.

I am particularly fond of the work of Ilan Shamir, so lets see what he has to say about advice from a whale.

Advice from a Whale

  • Make a splash
  • Move with grace and beauty
  • Explore the depths of your true nature
  • Think big
  • Keep a song in your heart
  • Remember to come up for air
  • No blubbering!



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