Happy National Splurge Day

Sadly in the global world someone of you have already missed the US Holiday of National Splurge Day, but I invite you to celebrate it anyway. It is not quite time for us to begin celebrating, so we extend an invitation to pretend you are in our part of the world and our time zone.

I love the word splurge.  The definition of the word is “an ostentatious display, especially an extravagantly expensive one“. I always have mine own twist. Today I am going to celebrate National Splurge Day by an ostentatious display of kindness and love to everyone I  meet. It may be a smile, a laugh, a hand up, a dinner, as many people as I can come in contact with I intend to “splurge them” with something.

It is going to be a very busy day because it is also National Go Fishing Day. I am so thrilled that it is not National Catch a Fish Day, because I am not very good at catching, but I love the fishing part!  I may even splurge and buy some rainbow colored bait.

It is also International Panic Day. I can think of several reasons  I might panic. We might have to deal with a president named Hillary. The State of the Union Address might just be tweeted. Social Media may show the true colors, it is just one really bad reality television experiment.  Emails may become something you must pay for. Someone could highjack Amazon.

Please tell me – what are doing to celebrate these occasions.


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