Lucky to have an atheist neighbor

An atheist is a person who does not believe in the existence of God or Gods. They tend to rely more on science for their beliefs. There are some who actively share their beliefs with others and some keep it quiet.

Tolerance is not an easy thing for most people who find hope in specific religions. Since there must be someone who is right and someone who is wrong, there is a natural desire to help people understand and “see the light”. This quest typically begins in the spirit of love and kindness, and sometimes turns into something very different.

One of the hardest things for religious people to comprehend is “someone who does not believe in God”.  To many, an atheist is someone who has to be saved. In worst case scenarios  an atheist is considered blasphemous. This turns into a no win situation for atheist.

There are simple things that happen everyday in the life of an atheist that may be prejudicial. In the United States the money they use is marked “in God we trust”. It is clear to see why this may be uncomfortable. If the money were suddenly to change and say there is no God would people have a better understanding of how the atheist must feel.

The pledge of allegiance to the country mentions God. The President takes the oath of office with the hand on the bible.

It is almost impossible to get away from references to God.

Prejudice is often based on uneducated assumptions.

There are some very misguided generalizations about people who are atheist. It may be a good idea to look at some of these generalizations.

* Atheists have no moral compass

Atheist can have a very strong moral compass. It is simply not based on a belief in God. They may base it on how they believe people should treat each other.  It may be as simple as the Golden Rule. It may be that they have common sense and can clearly see the difference between right and wrong.

* Atheists have no purpose in life

Atheist may experience more purpose than most. This is their one shot at living. There is no one who is going to rescue them when life is done. What they do here is all the matters. For some that is a great motivator to be a good person.

* Atheists have no remorse

Atheists can certainly feel remorse when their behavior falls short of their personal expectations. It is about looking inside instead of looking to a higher power to guide their thoughts.

In the end does really matter if those who believe in religion, love all people and those who don’t believe in God practice tolerance? It is a big planet and there is room for everyone.



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