Yesterday is gone

Everyone has a unique perspective and different set of circumstances. Our lives become enriched when we are willing to quietly listen to the experiences of others. There are lessons in their stories  that beneficial for anyone who is willing to truly listen. I am going to make this pas plain and simple as possible. We need to “shut up and listen, with intent. You don’t want to share your story you want to hear and understand “their” story.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking of a similar or pertinent experience that you have had and you are just waiting for them to stop so you can share? When we do that we are not really listening to their unique story and feelings. Focus on their every word, as if there were going to be a challenge for you to repeat it back, word for word. It is that important to listen.

I live in a home where my first duty in the morning is to check and make certain my family members have made it through the night. Sometimes there is extra help and sometimes it is just me. I try to be unobtrusive as gentle, but some days, on their good clear days, they will say” Yes I made it through the night” or “I still have one day left.” or “I am still kicking, are you disappointed?”.  The odds are I will outlive them, but still there is no guarantee.  I have true reminders every day that this day is important. For that I am truly blessed. Even on our worst days, we are told that we are loved. That brings comfort to me. Did you hear my story?

Now, I am listening. Please leave a link or share one of your stories that will teach me. That is what the comment section is for. Connecting, sharing, teaching, learning and creating together, a better world.


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