If you “know” Brad Josh…

If you know Brad Josh there are simply more questions than answers. There are many business ventures he has, but I only have first hand knowledge of a couple. He and Ryan started a site called Elite Visitors. They had a technical person (who to my knowledge) has never been paid. They had a volunteer, customer service manager (who would get paid when the site was profitable.) There was one writer who claimed to have been paid $25.00. (He made many posts that he was good friends with Brad and Ryan, so perhaps he did get paid.)

The site had many writers. Most of the posts were social. Just before it was time to pay Brad informed everyone that Ryan had run away will the all the money. He would call on his unpaid staff and writers to do their part to save the site. It became Best Writers. Everything had to start over. The site moved to nonprofit and the writers stepped up and started writing a variety of posts that were quality.The numbers  of writers dwindled and yet the quality went up.

Then the unpaid customer service manager and tech manager chipped in to keep the site up and running. The name was changed to World Famous Writers and finally there was revenue. Once again, Brad Josh strikes. He simply shuts down the site without warning. The writers don’t even have the opportunity to pull their own writing.

Now a new and fancy looking site comes up. It seems that Brad Josh is now renting his domain to run yet another scam. I don’t know about you, but I have had enough. I am going to report this site to anyone and everyone I can.  If it is related to Brad Josh, there is a good chance someone will be left unpaid and shocked. Warn others, Report it. Call him out. Don’t let him hide, tell everyone you know. He will probably just assume another identity, and yet I am going to do my part and try and save others from the next “Brad Josh” scam.

Go here and look at the url

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck – it’s a duck. This is just the next scam for personal gain in my opinion. I am reporting it.

This is meant to harm no one. This is simply an accounting of my experiences with “Brad Josh” which  I assume is a pseudonym for a person who behaves in a unethical manner.


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