Who cares what Mitt Romney thinks?

Sometimes when I do research I see a headline and it takes me off in a totally different direction. This was the headline

Mitt Romney Calls On South Carolina To Remove Confederate Flag At Statehouse”


I stopped and thought a minute. I think Mitt Romney is a smart man when it comes to money. I think he has done well for himself.  I don’t stand up and take notice to what he says, because of an incident during his run for President. I sent the same question to ALL the candidates. I sent it through every way they had things set up, such as their campaign sites, party sites, etcetera. The only one that didn’t even at least have someone contact me through email was Mitt Romney. I was disappointed, I thought perhaps having a savvy businessman running the country may have merit.

Since only one did not respond, I continued on with an experiment. I sent a second email to all the appropriate avenues to Mitt Romney about how to make a campaign donates and I received three response back within 30 minutes.

Why I am sharing this today? Mitt Romney didn’t really need my money. He has publicly stated that he is rich. I really needed a President who would represent me and answer my question. I am not naive enough to believe that he ever even saw the question. Still, why would I care what he thinks? Why would anyone in South Carolina care what he thinks?

In the same vain, Mitt Romney doesn’t care what I think either. It is doubtful that anyone will even read this post, because I am just an ordinary person and apparently that has no value anymore. The United States is a great national, and still there are many problems. I get tired of being told to love it or leave it. I wish just once that someone would say help fix the problems and stay.

It okay with me if  “you” care what Mitt Romney thinks. He probably has a lot to offer, just not to me.


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