The joy of black bears

Ursus americanus, the black bear, is a species that have shown great abilities to adapt and adjust to many different habitats and areas.

Black bears are an equal opportunity eater! The menu is mostly grass, roots, tubers, berries, nuts, fruits, fish and occasionally red meat. They eat grubs, ants, termites, beetles, and any other crawly things they can find.

The average lifespan of a black bear in the wild is about 20 years. Their first year is the hardest to survive. Cubs are born in the den and typically weigh between one half to one pound at birth. The cubs are born helpless, blind and completely dependent on their mother. Most cubs stay with their mothers for about a year and a half, before they are ready to forge off on their own.

Black bears have sharp claws and are great climbers. They can swim and enjoy the water.

It is important to note that black bears are not black.They can vary greatly in color. There are several gray combinations, chocolate brown and black.

Bear can be dangerous. However, the will avoid contact with humans for the most part. Your best offense is noise and lack of alluring scents.A black bear standing on his hind legs is not a threatening posture, but one of curiosity. The bear is probably still trying to figure out what you are if  you are a threat. The worst reaction is to run.


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