Grow cucumbers in a container

Fresh produce is healthy. It has a full flavor and is a great healthy choice for any family. The good news is that there are many things that can be grown in every small space in containers.

Cucumbers are fairly easy to grow and can be used for more than just a salad. A cucumber slice can freshen up any glass of water. Cucumber bread is a unique and wonderful treat. There is even a great little cocktail called a cucumber smash. It is delightful. Some great options for cucumbers would be Busch Champion, SpaceMaster, or Salad Busch Hybrid.

It is important to have a container which accommodates a 16-inches in depth. If you want to double your crop experts say every two inches in depth will do so. A container that is 20 inches in circumference is large enough for four to six cucumber plants.

Cucumbers are a vine plant. They do much better if they have something to climb on, a trellis of some sort is in order. If you are going to move the container to follow the sun or it is not by a wall, a tomato cage turned upside down over the container is a great option. If there are kept in one location by a wall a traditional trellis will do fine.

With any container planting it is important to make sure the water drains well through the soil. You don’t want to lose the soil out of the bottom of the container. You can place landscaping cloth in the bottom. If that is not convenient you can use several layers of newspaper and then put in a layer of small rocks. Either method with allow the water to drain and keep the rich soil in place.

The soil should have a slow release fertilizer. If you are going organic make sure you know how much to put in the container. A container has different temperatures than the ground. It is easy to over fertilize in a container and burn up the plants. Be sure to use the right amount and kind of fertilizer for the size of the and the condition of the soil.

Containers dry out faster than regular gardens. It is important to check the soil in the container daily to determine when the plants need water. The water should not be soggy, but bone dry is deadly to cucumbers.

Shoot for a location where the cucumber plants can receive eight hours of full sunlight. That is the best circumstances for cucumbers.

If cucumbers are harvested a little on the small side, they are crisp and have a bit of a sweet flavor. This also encourages the plant to produce more cucumbers. It is a win-win.

If you are new to container gardening cucumbers can be an excellent place to begin. It is wise not to try too many at one time. Every plant has different needs. It is fun to start with a simple salad. So grow cucumbers, a lettuce bowl and container tomatoes. It is a fun way to experience fairly quick success.


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