Dealing with obstacles

A young child was crawling on the floor. Every direction he went was an obstacle and it did not take him long to realize he was in a very small area. He was simply stuck and finally called out for help because he was not satisfied with his surroundings.

What are the tools that are used when adults find themselves facing obstacles?  Do you recognize obstacles and have a bag full of tricks to try? What are some plausible solutions?

Take a detour

When you see trouble ahead, it is perfectly acceptable to look for another way to reach your destination. Some of life’s most successful moments have happened on a detour. Of course, don’t be random, make sure you know where the road leads.

Be prepared

On my kitchen wall is a sign that reads. “The road to heaven is long and hard. Bring lots of magazines and treats.” I think acknowledging that there could be tough things ahead and having an emergency bag of ideas and coping skills is just smart.

Take time to plan and recover

You are going to make mistakes and have to pick up the pieces. Give yourself time to mourn your losses and recharge your batteries. A little rest and a new plan can make all the difference in the world.

Learn from everyone’s mistakes

Pay attention. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and you can learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. It takes a lot of pressure off if you realize that you can skip some of the bad stuff if you just learn from mistakes.

Try again

Trying again does not mean do the same thing and expect different results. It means change something in the equation and plan for better results. So make adjustments and work for different and better results.

Call in reinforcements

There is no shame in making a plan and calling in reinforcements to help. People are more likely to help if they know what you are asking them to do and they understand the purpose.

So forge ahead and tackle life’s obstacle course.



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