How to stop thinking about chocolate

I think this has some very great points that they you might enjoy it as well.

spirals and blue roses

or cigarettes, or the ex, or pizza……

Can’t stop

Why is it that when we want to stop doing something, that’s all we can think about?

When you’re on a diet all you can think about is crisps or chocolate or cake.  When you’re trying to stop smoking all you can think about is a cigarette – even at times it never used to bother you…

A little experiment:Tomascastelazo

  • Don’t think about chocolate
  • Don’t think about cigarettes
  • Don’t think about pizza
  • Don’t think about a pink elephant, in a blue tree, playing a saxophone

What happened?

I’m guessing some would have an image of a chocolate eating pink elephant sitting in a blue tree

Others would at least have had the brief though of chocolate, cigarette, pizza and maybe even the pink elephant in a blue tree with a sax

And some will have got stuck at chocolate

This illustrates another fascinating fact (my…

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