Six years ago today, at 1:50 pm, my Mom passed away. It was not unexpected, but still it was sad. While I was speaking with my father they came to get her body. He said, “Tren, they want to take her, what do I do?”

“Let them take her Dad.”

He hung up in tears. I sent an instant message to my employer and friends at work and  I simply typed. “My mom is dead.” I stopped working. I just sat there alone for about 5 minutes at my desk.

My brother had been called at the quarry first, and he sent my husband home to be with me. My husband had yelled at me the night before in a drunken rage. He had called me unspeakable things and he had no recollection of it. I didn’t want his comfort. He tried and I said “I need to be alone.” I went into the bedroom and I heard him crying in living-room.

He answered the phone. It was my sister telling him to tell me that I was “not” to go. I was to stay home, write Mom’s life story and calm down. I could hear her. I don’t think she had any idea she was screaming. He was crying and saying he would do the best he could. I came out and said “They don’t want me there.” He said “All I can do is be here with you.”

I went in my room and wrote Mom’s life story and cried.

It was a long hard day. I wanted the world to stop just for a moment and recognized that my Mom was gone.

I miss her.


5 thoughts on “Mom

  1. With my Heart I am so sorry. My mother died … and the circumstances surrounding her death were … I won’t go into it. I’ve been on this road … i feel for you, Trenna. I’m sorry you are going through so much.

  2. I’m so sorry about your mom, Trenna. Thank you for sharing your experience and feelings. ❤

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