The Simple Cure for Boredom

“I’m bored” and it is seems like it is always said with a little bit of a whine.  Children get bored, adults get bored, even creative, interesting successful people get bored. It is a universal problem, so could there really be a simple answer? Yes, I tried it 6 months ago and it worked. In fact, I have tried it at least four times a week the last 6 months and it has never failed me.  Today I share it with you and perhaps you will share some successes with me. Dialogue is an amazing thing.

Here we go. You find yourself or others with you saying they are bored. Quietly and to yourself you ask “What was I doing the last time I laughed out-loud and how can I recreate that feeling?” (Go ahead and read it again, repetition is a good friend.)

As soon as you do this one thing your mood is elevated. It is like putting on a pair of rose color glasses, you see your world just a bit more brilliantly.

While you are still in this state give a quick look around and pick something to “do” for the just the next 5 minutes and see where it goes.

The first time I tried my idea I was in the kitchen. I had my happy thought of the last time I really laughed and I glanced around. I didn’t want to eat or cook. Then I saw it! The cupboard with all the pans.

I got out three different pots and pans and two wooden spoons and I made music! Well, maybe it was just racket.  The point is that is was simple, spontaneous and put my body and thoughts in motion and in a different direction.

Ooouch! I can feel your resistance already. Let that wall drop, you don’t have to play with pots and pans, and yet if you try this, you will find that you have an amazing experience of some kind.

I am “Trenna” to my grandchildren. I listened to the one who is six giving a warning to his friend. “Hey, if you say you are bored, Trenna will just do something random. It will be fun, but random.”

So are you going to give it a go?



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