Is your sky always falling?

Today I went to the mirror and took a good long look. Honestly, I look pretty haggard and what makes that even more funny, is that I just got out of bed. I quickly went through all the little traumas and dramas that had been occupying my mind and I swear I heard a voice say “Is your sky always falling?”


So I did what any semi sane person would do, I answered the voice,  just in case I was not the only one who could hear it.

“Why yes, it is and God, if this is you, I could  use a really big umbrella and it would be nice if you could send some cherry thoughts in my darkest hours. I appreciate all I have and yet my thoughts go flying off in different directions and then the sky does start falling again. If there is a guardian angel telling me what to do, perhaps yelling would be better than whispering!

For those who don’t me, I am a caregiver (not a paid one – just my circumstances). So my Alzheimer husband comes in to see who I was talking to. “Are you talking to yourself?”

I answered.

“Well no, I am talking to anyone who will listen, thanks for participating.”

My brother, very ill and with issues, comes down. “How are things today?”

I hear my husband say, “Trenna is in the office participating.”

I smiled. Just for a moment I felt like a giant umbrella was covering my life. Thanks.


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