Life is like a mixed salad

I live a little mixed up life. No two days are the same and my thoughts, dreams, ideas and wishes are all over the place.  Maybe a better description would be my wonderful mess. At any rate, I am making the brave commitment to share it with you, right here on line.  If you are looking for a blog that is always the same, well this is not it. If you are looking for a glance at a little bit of everything, this may be a place where you can come, share your thoughts and improve my life! How about that?

You will find that I am a lover of music and will use it to express whatever may be happening in my head and heart. It is pretty unfiltered.



I began a 30 day blog challenge and I am on glorious day 9! I don’t know if I had made any new friends or found any more followers. There is nothing here to sell of create revenue, I am just hoping that someone on this big planet “hears” my voice.

Here are somethings you can check out just in case you missed it. I wrote here about the day that my Mom left this earth. Funny, it was shortly after Michael Jackson passed away. I wondered why the world stopped for him for just a minute and for Mom no one noticed.

I am pretty certain that I have found the cure for boredom.

I found a little pink card in the parking lot and it is changing my world!

So here is my invitation to invite you into my life! That is a brave and scary thing. I hope you come, read, comment and teach me things I never dreamed of learning. Never miss out on another blog post! Subscribe!





2 thoughts on “Life is like a mixed salad

  1. I suppose for some of us it is suppose to be that way! I sure hope so, because my life sure is. Thanks for the read and the comment. It is appreciated.

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