Just being me isn’t enough?

Do you ever have a struggle day? It is a day when you suddenly realize that just being you, in all your glory and wonder, is not enough. Today is my struggle day. It seems like an odd choice to share it so publicly, and yet, writers write.

I began the 30 day blog challenge. I have made it to Day 11. I get an inspiring email every morning, and I honestly look forward to it. (Yesterday it was 9 minutes later than usual.) Today it was all about reaching your customers and delivering them what they expect. It is essentially about selling. I don’t even have advertisement. Heck, I don’t even have a real “audience”.

With that being said to those precious people who take the time to read and leave a comment you are so appreciated. It is a reminder that maybe I am not invisible. I don’t know if you have ever experienced being invisible, but it is not as fun as you might think.

So now I am looking for a “purpose” to write all the mixed up thoughts and ideas. I certainly don’t have a theme. My motto for life is survive! So I am enough or do I need to pack up and move on? See how confusing my little world can be!




10 thoughts on “Just being me isn’t enough?

  1. Hey ! Such a brave post … We all have days like that , but I for one never have the guts to share. Of course being you is enough… Write! … Share! … Be awesome !!! Sammy

  2. Being you is just what you are meant to be so of course its enough. Just like everyone else on the planet is enough being themselves. If a friend asked you the same question I am sure you would say of course you are enough. So look in the mirror with eyes squinty if you need to. Ask yourself the question and say hell yes even on an invisible day I know I will be visible again. You go and be visible!!

  3. Wow! Thanks for the encouraging words. You made me smile and that is not an easy task!

  4. I had a day like that today having read your blog last night. Don’t worry not blaming you! In fact I want to thank you. I could easily have decided that I wasn’t going to publish a blog today. I have far too much to do and I’m a perfectionist so hate not having the time for extensive polishing of my writing. However, you inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and accept that “good in indeed good enough”.

  5. You are not alone in having a “struggle day” – I have them frequently.

    I thnk at times we all put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be everything – but we are only just ourselves and we cannot do more than our best. I know at times we won’t think so of ourselves, but I think that being yourself is often enough.

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