It’s not writer’s block



I don’t know if I just have a different perspective or don’t understand the term. Maybe someone can educate me on this. I always have something to write about. That is never, ever a problem. On the other hand, I am not sure that I am writing anything that someone wants to read. So I have “readers’” block, right?

Seriously, I could write all day long about being a primary caregiver and what that entails. I have learned all the ins and outs. I have made every possible mistake and I have almost perfected some aspects. But who wants to read about giving care to ill and terminal family members.

I have stories to share from a childhood that entertain me  for hours. I could tell you about a murder years ago. I am convinced I know who did it and why and I have to see that person occasionally. (I still find it disturbing.) I am honestly a wealth of personal and useless information. There is always something I can write about.

So help me out with my readers block? What would you like to hear about next week. I am listening.


4 thoughts on “It’s not writer’s block

  1. “Reader’s Block”. I LOVE IT! I’m a fellow suffer too. Although it doesn’t feel like suffering as, like you, I love to writer. The way I look at is … primarily I write for myself. At the moment it’s about family/life stories and memoirs. I think they are both really import so I write about that. If I inspire other people to pick up a pen and preserve their story then it’s icing on the cake. Basically, you’re doing brilliant so keep on writing more of the same.

  2. I love the phrase “Reader’s Block”! I think this is something we all worry about when we are writing a blog – whether it’s for pleasure or business. I worry my blog won’t be interesting or helpful – I mean who wants to hear about bookkeeping right? I am absolutely passionate about it and want to help my clients and other business owners when it comes to their day to day bookkeeping, but I worry that other people won’t want to read it.

    I think we are wrong though – people do want to read about it. Maybe not right then, but if someone comes across your blog and their life changes and they are then in the same position as you, they will be very interested in your blog and they may remember it. Or maybe someone comes along who has a friend or a relative in the same position? Your blog posts will be of interest to people – keep writing and telling your story.

  3. It would be fun to write a book called Readers Block – I wonder if that has been done.

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