Social media, my love hate relationship!

I admit it. I am old. I did not grow up with a phone in my hand, in fact mine was connected to a wall and had a very short cord. I had a television that was black and white, and there was an antenna that was often covered with tinfoil with hopes for a clear picture. Being social meant going over to the neighbors and having dinner.

It is hard to decipher if a like really means something is read (often it does not.) If someone follows you do that take the time to read it. When you send a tweet do “real” people read it or only bots?  With all that being said, it is now necessary.

With that being said I do most of my little social chatting on a site called Bubblews. It is like chatting for 1/50 of a penny, but many of my friends are there and it really just chatting.

I did however write  a post about a pink card that I found that is worth the read. I am thinking about switching up their idea a little bit and expanding it to the Random Acts of Kindness website.

If you have the time I would love for you to read it and share your ideas. Is it a good idea, bad plan – whatever.

In the meantime I will keep reading, commenting and tweeting. I am determined to find real people in a virtual world!



6 thoughts on “Social media, my love hate relationship!

  1. Hello there, I think this is a grand idea. Thank you for inspiring me to move forward and pass it along. I completely understand the T.V. with the foil attached. We had the same thing and at times I was asked to stand with my arm outstretched to get better reception on the show playing at the time. Aw… those solid black rotary dial phone, tick tick tick tick Love that sound it use to make or the party lines.. those were a hoot…. listening in on conversations when I was younger… Trying not to giggle.. Wonderful post you’ve done here today and thanks for all of the memories…. Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~ 🙂 Real person here, too……

  2. Lovely blog! When my god-daughter was 6 we were watching a b/w movie and she asked me if I had to wear only b/w clothes when I was growing up! I think Random Acts of Kindness are FABULOUS and make sure that I do at least one per day. On my own I can’t change the world: however, I am not on this plant alone. The current population of the world is about 7.325 billion so if we all did one act of kindness a week that’s a heck of a lot of kindness rushing around the world 🙂

  3. Even though I have been using technology and the Internet for ages, I still don’t fully get how to use social media. Like you I have a love hate relationship with it. 🙂

  4. It nice when you find the people behind the posts and comments. Things become a lot more “real”.

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