Seven tips to help use time wisely

Time may be the most valuable commodity that man has. No one really knows the exact moment when there will be no more time allotted for them on this earth. It is really daunting when you stop and think about it.

*Become tidy

How many minutes of your day are wasted helping someone look for something they lost or put away where it would be safe. (Okay, sometimes it might be your stuff you are looking for as well.) At any rate those minutes are lost forever. Become more tidy and invite others to do the same.

*Take breaks

Breaks are important and timing matters. Don’t wait until you “need” a break to take it. You have already passed the critical point. Take the break before it gets to that point and then that point will never come.

*Tough chores first

There is nothing worse than dreading a task all day. So do it as soon as you can and get it out of the way. Once that has been done your attitude will improve and you can move on through the list. with gusto.


The first is the worse and then you move on to what is most important to “you”. The top three needs should always be yours directly and then branch out. It amazing how many things you can get done if you meet some of your needs before the rest of your chores begin.


Getting fresh air and being physically fit helps with every area of your life.  So take a quick walk on a break. Stretch and do ergonomic exercises throughout the day no matter what your job title is.


Take just a moment to go through a task mentally and see then end result.  It will help you be quick and organized.


*Focus timers

It is not easy to learn to focus through a task even there are distractions around. One way that can help with focus to set a “do not disturb “ timer.  If someone comes to your area, show them the timer and ask them to return later.

People always mean more than things. Time is more valuable than money.


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