Half way to nowhere!

Today I kind of feel like the little girl who packed up her most prized possessions and “snuck” out of the house before anyone was awake and started wandering aimlessly. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I came inside after sleeping in the fresh air in the playhouse and I am plopped right in front of my computer.

I opened up my great email from the 30 day blogging challenge and it hit me. (Actually, had nothing to do with the topic either.) I am half way done and I still have not decided what the destination of this blog is. I am a woman without a cause! I have a map, but have marked no arrival point. I am simply running a muck on the world wide web.


With all that being said, I still have no solution! My little life is so diverse and yet concentrated I am at a loss. If you notice the name “Niches, nooks, and crannies” hellogoditsme – This is not new. I must have known that this was a catch all.  Then again, my life is a catch all!

So is it acceptable to have a blog that is a little bit of everything? I would hate to have a blog about education, a blog about food, a blog about life lessons and keep track of them all.  I am perplexed and in need of guidance.

This blog is clearly “trenna” and everyone who knows the real me would get that. However, the people who know me probably won’t ever read this. Do you write from the heart and hope for the best? Do you come up with many blogs and pray you don’t get confused?

So here I am, a little old lady, wandering with a head full of ideas and no real destination and I am halfway there. Is that my life as well? (Oh dear.)

Oh well, halfway to nowhere! Here I go!.




2 thoughts on “Half way to nowhere!

  1. I’ve started this blogging business so many times because I got lost somewhere trying to leave certain parts of me because I was blogging about “food / some other topic” but really wanted to just throw in all of me. So, I’ve started again, this time I’m shooting from the hip. There’s an overall theme, but hey, we have opinions on other topics too! 🙂

    That’s why you have 30+ categories! 🙂

  2. I like the fact that you admit that you don’t know where you are going , it will be interesting reading your journey to where the penny drops. I like your honesty.x

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