You’re invited

I am stepping right outside of my comfort zone and into the spotlight. It is an interesting transformation. What has changed? I guess I have been “hiding” for long enough. I have peeked out the front door occasionally, and yet not taken the big steps to really go all in. I have shared some tiny pieces of myself and thoughts and yet saved some, probably out of fear.  What kind of fears you say?

Maybe it is simply fear of rejection. Maybe it is a nervous fear, that what I have to share has no value. Maybe it is some deep rooted fear that I have yet to conquer. With all the being said, today I shed the coat and what you see is my heart, my thoughts, and my personal contribution to the world. My mom said quite often, “You are here to do something so get on with it.” I am not sure I found my something and time has grown short.

There have been people who have pushed their way into my life and it’s been for the greater good of myself and all involved. Today I am making and asking for a commitment. It is a big commitment because it takes some of your most very precious commodities, time.  When you commit the time to visit and read my posts and information I will deliver, my thoughts, inspirations, triumphs, and struggles. Some days you will laugh, others you may cry, there will be lessons you can learn and things you can teach me. It is all part of a belief I have finally come to realize. We are here to learn from each other and connect. I have not been doing my part.

I am inviting you into my life, to share, learn and participate. I am asking you to read, comment and interact. I want to know what you think and what you have to teach me. I want to know if you learn anything from me.

You are invited to read, comment, teach, learn, challenge and in return I commit to reading, commenting, responding and giving my all.

This is a big step for me. I have been hiding for years, and maybe forever. So if you are brave and willing to participate in my life all in, subscribe and join my journey.

These links may let you know a little bit of my heart.





4 thoughts on “You’re invited

  1. I love this Trenna Sue, so open and with amazing intention, keep it up and don’t hide anymore, you have a lot of important stuff to share and get off your chest.x

  2. Ahh, thank you. I do think that the only purpose in life is to learn, share, grow and teach.

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