#7 What do you mean you can see my scalp?


It is one of the most debilitating, self esteem shaking, scary things that can happen to a woman. It’s clipping the wings of a beautiful peacock or shaving a Crufts winning red setter. What am I talking about?? Being a woman and losing your hair, that’s what.

There are many different reasons that this may happen to you and most are not obvious.
Chemotherapy, the most common question asked by women is not about the drugs but ‘will I loose my hair?’.
Aging, it is widely believed that we all start losing our hair as we get older, but this could be as a result of many things like hormonal changes. Loss of estrogen leaves DHT, the testosterone derived hormone that produces hair growth, uncontrolled and therefore an imbalance occurs. The androgens (male hormones) get the edge.
It could be any number of physical or mental illnesses, stress, anxiety and…

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