Listening while the body speaks

Being a good listener requires practice. Body language cues both parties, the speaker and the listener, if there is any real communication going on.

You want the speaker to know you are listening. Keep your eyes on the speaker. Make eye contact whenever possible, without creating a stare down!  Face full forward whenever possible and keep an open position

A relaxed and open posture makes it an easy and stress free atmosphere and removes tension, even with the most serious of conversations. It is good to nod on occasion, too much movement can be a distraction. Please don’t fidget!

Facial expressions can give you away. Be aware and make adjustments as necessary. Practice making different expressions often so that you can react and observe by choice. You are always receiving and giving clues, are they accurate? Often times in communications classes videos are continually filming  the class so they can study and learn to spot and be aware of what signals they are sending.

When the speaker is rewarded with positive body language extra effort will be made to speak with clarity, automatically.



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