The joy of Alzheimer’s

He loves to cook. He has always been quite creative and the Alzheimer’s has added a whole new dimension.  I really do try to eat most of what he makes. Currently tuna fish pouches are banned from my home.  The tuna fish, peanut butter, fruit cocktail, onion sandwich was more than I could handle. I could not pretend. I just said I cannot eat that. (Yes, it was worse than the tuna fish ice cream sundae.)

He was happy to save the leftovers in a nice covered dish in the refrigerator. Thankfully, the next day he was unable to find the “icebox”. I am guessing he was looking for the icebox of his childhood.

It was my lucky day. I was able to distract him with a painting project. I guess polka dot walls are not the worst thing ever! I thought we were going for eggshell in the bathroom. Oh the joys of Alzheimer’s.



4 thoughts on “The joy of Alzheimer’s

  1. Life is good and things could be worse. Poor Rock, I think he really tries. Maybe a little too hard.

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