5 Ways to be happier at work

If you work a full time traditional job you spend approximately 160 hours a month at your “workplace”. That is a big chunk of time and you need to put some happiness into that part of your world. The secrets seem to be in little daily habits that become your happiness legacy.

Make your own space

Having a little piece of real estate in the office. Even if all you have is a locker, find a way to make it your own. Decorate, separate and celebrate one area of your workplace.

Take your vacation days for actual vacations

Seriously, don’t use it to have that surgery, get the spring cleaning done, painting the bathroom or any other pressing chore. Take a vacation.

Use the best lighting.

Fluorescent lights may not be the best option. Invest in a  Verilux light that mimics sunlight and gives some healthy benefits.

Get fresh air

If there is a window open. If there are no windows take your breaks and go outside. Even if you just step out and five deep breaths, it will make your day happier.

Embrace change

No you don’t have to love every change that comes along, and still if you choose to embrace it, you remove a mental block and move forward instead of standing there in disbelief.

You see life really is not all that complicated. If you simply pay attention and take care of your body, things generally have a way of working out. You are ready to roll with the punches and forge new trails. You’ve got this.



5 thoughts on “5 Ways to be happier at work

  1. Such easy things, and these actually have tons of research for support! So, Cupcake, get outside for few minutes, take REAL vacation, and put some frosting–or bedazzle the locker, or place a photo or plant, in your space! I got some sprinkles to donate to the cause! 🙂

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