Don’t tell me you love me!

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I have my signs and plaques all over my home. This one is probably the one that shocks the most visitors. Some of them are brave enough to ask why I would have a sign that says “Don’t tell me you love me!” If they ask, I am hopeful that they will ask,  come to understand a simple life lesson that took me forever to learn.

The premise is that people feel and appreciate love in different ways. Here are some examples.

Joe knows that he is loved when dinner is on the table and the family is all there to eat together.If there is ice cream for dessert, it is an added bonus, kind of like an extra hug.

Stacey feels loved when her husband holds her hand in public and shows some kind of affection. She feels love with every hug.

Mark feels love when there is laughter that is his trigger. Smiling and laughing is his thing.

Everyone has their own “thing” and if you want to make that connection, you have to find that way and give it to them in that manner.

The part of the plaque that is not on the wall travels around the house and it is used to show gratitude or ask for help. When everyone is at the dinner table Joe may have it placed under someone’s plate. It may be delivered to Stacey with a box of popcorn in the movie theater. It moves and shows up in random places. There is always joy when “show me” is understood and used by everyone.

Anyone want to make a plaque?


2 thoughts on “Don’t tell me you love me!

  1. It’s easier to tell someone that you love them but sometimes a little harder to show. It shouldn’t be that way. If a person truly love you then you would see it and feel it as well.

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