White shoes and life lessons

Some life lessons happen in very different and interesting ways. I was surprised when a simple children’s book changed my life forever. I really wish I had found it before I turned 50! Still it is never too late to create a new positive habit.1-shoes-480217_640

The book is not complicated. It is not hard to read. In fact, if you share it with a child after about 5 times, everyone in the home will have it memorized. It may be the simplicity that appealed to me. I have used the book in corporate training presentations. I use the premise over and over in my daily life.

Please watch this simple video and then allow me to explain.

Something horrid begins to happen and my family or coworkers see that I might be approaching my boiling point the words come from several sources “Did Trenna cry?”  And somehow I manage to say, even if it stuttered and on the brim a breakdown “Goodness NO!” It has saved me and my grandchildren thousands of mini meltdowns.

So get the book, watch the video and find a way to use it this week. Let me know how it goes.


4 thoughts on “White shoes and life lessons

  1. I actually enjoyed the video and the song. My dog even liked it. I hope it does come in handy this week.

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