7 ways to improve any relationship



flowers-646637__180Relationships are important. There are many different kinds of relationships and the good news is that these tips apply to all types of relationships. Not all relationships will be strong and vibrant forever and it is meant to be that way. Accept with grace when things change and part with peace. Still, it makes sense to treat each relationship as if it will last forever.

Recognize and admit mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are the way we learn to change and grow in different directions. It doesn’t need to a long drawn out apology with lots of drama. An easy “I am sorry I did that and it won’t happen again” should suffice.

Value diversity

Your friends needn’t agree with everything you say and do. They can be different and enjoy different things. You may have a friend that loves to send emails and chat.You may have another who simply enjoys going to movies with you and that is enough. It is good to have a large group of diverse friends. That is kind of like living in a beautiful flower garden with all sorts of color and scents. It is exhilarating.

Build trust

Trust is easy to build.You simply do what  your say, follow through and respect others. If you know you won’t be able to keep a commitment, don’t make it. It is better to say no than to say yes and not get it done.

Verbalize your caring feelings

People may not act like it, but they want to hear that you care. Don’t over do, but let them know they are loved and appreciated. It is an important way to be a better friend.

Create space

Safe and private spaces are needed in any relationship. You want to be accessible when needed and yet make certain there are places that are private and time that is never invaded.

Go with the flow, adapt

Relationships change. It really is effective to fight it. Go with the changes and make the best of what is happening. In the long run it may work out to be a better and healthier relationship.

Do your share of the dirty work

No one lists to get stuck with all the hard stuff. So do your share, kick in and go the extra mile. This is very important in business relationships. A boss who is willing to do a share of the dirty work is a well respected member of the team.

Relationships come in all forms and each is unique. Still, using these principles the relationships will be strong and vibrant. It is easier than you think. Simply remember to think.



9 thoughts on “7 ways to improve any relationship

  1. I have to agree with you here on most part. Sure I may talk to Kisser in chat but we take private talks else where like Skype for example or a telephone call. Both parties must be willing to work with the relationship/friendship in order for it to survive. There must be a middle ground as well.

  2. This is a great list! It’s hard to remember some of these when we first fall in love, like “creating space” or “valuing diversity,” but these are the biggest things I miss when I don’t have them in my life. 🙂 I have to admit, though, I may need to work on the “grace” more. 😉

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