…but what will I write…

I have decided to take on the 100 word challenge – I hope I got it right. lol.



Only 100 words, but what can I say,

I don’t want to waste words or toss them away

I should say something profound and true

Perhaps something that will inspire you!


Be thoughtful and gracious, creative and kind

Think with your heart instead of your mind

Reach out and help someone in need

With every kind act you plant a seed


The seeds that you plant will grow strong and straight

Plant only good things and don’t plant too late.

Our days are all numbered, won’t know when time’s up

Stand by your seed, treat it right. watch it erupt


7 thoughts on “…but what will I write…

  1. This is a wonderful first entry for 100wcgu. I am always in awe of folks who write poetry that flows as I find so hard. This kid you SO much for joining the challenge!

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