Morning ritual for kids with working parents

Children need some structure and routine in their life. Parents need to work and provide for their family. There is a great need to strike a balance and make certain that the needs of all are met. Mornings are important as they set the tone for the day.


Here are some hard and fast rules that can help with morning routines.

Parents need to be up and prepared for work before the younger children get up. The focus needs to be on the children as soon as they wake up.

Have a flexible breakfast plan.

It should always begin by sitting down at the table. It may be that you are simply passing things around so they can put snacks or breakfast in a bag on workdays. The act of sitting down at the table and being together is so important. It bonds a family in ways that no other activity will work. Meet at the table and eat or make food bags and do it “together”.

Forget the “I’m sorry”

You shouldn’t be sorry for going to work to provide for your family. It is admirable. It is normal. When you do it right it is a great experience and teaches children about life and responsibility in positive and creative way.

So when your child cries and says “I want you to stay home.” What are some great things to say?

“I will be home with you tonight and we are going to do something together at 6:30. We always get time we need to be happy.”

“Oh my goodness, it is a good thing that we have Saturday coming. We will spend the whole day here in the house just getting things done, singing songs and having fun. This is what makes Saturday special.”

“Probably so, and that is alright. Wishing is fun to do and it doesn’t mean that it is going to happen. Hop up and get ready because we have to save time and tears for the very important things that happen.”

“I am glad we get to spend time together at home. Today we have our breakfast and we will spend time in car. Tonight we will spend more time together here. Now we need to get our hustle and have a great day.”

So what does your morning routine look like? Are you willing to share and allow us to learn together?


3 thoughts on “Morning ritual for kids with working parents

  1. Some lovely ideas. Working shifts can make morning routines quite variable, but as a way to compensate the variability we have a very firm bedtime routine and ‘snuggles and story time’ are always what I describe as’the best part of the day’.

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