How to make chalkboard building blocks

Building blocks have always been excellent toys for children.They encourage the imagination. Blocks teach the basics of scientific principles. Children begin to understand cause and effect. They are affordable and completely gender proof.


What could possible be better than building blocks? The answer has to be chalkboard blocks. They are quite easy to make and guaranteed to be a hit with the children.

Begin by cutting the blocks. The choice of wood is largely personal. It all needs to be cut and sanded down to the desired size shape. Sometimes cabinet shops have odds and ends that they are willing to let go at a reasonable price.

A three inch block is a great size for chalkboard blocks. It gives the children enough room to practice writing and artwork and still stacks nicely. It is not necessary that all the blocks are the same dimension.  It is also easy to do a few blocks and at a time and add more as a reward for the child.

Once the blocks have been cut they need to be sanded.  Slivers ruin the entire reason for having building blocks. Rounded edges are the safest for the children.

The blocks should be sealed. A primer of black paint should be sprayed onto each block.  This will seal the block and prepare them for the chalkboard paint.;This primer needs to cover the blocks completely and be allowed to properly dry.

Now it is time to paint the blocks with chalkboard paint. The spray paint is by far the easiest way to paint the blocks. The blocks need two coats and there must be proper drying time between each coat

Now comes the fun! Decorating and playing with the building blocks. They are ever changing and can be used in a variety of ways.

Memory game

Take nine of the blocks and draw pairs of something on one side of the block with chalk.They can be letters, shapes, animals, or anything you’d like to draw.  Arrange them and play concentration to match the pictures. If nine blocks are too easy there are always more blocks.

Alphabet practice

Working on the alphabet and first letter consonants? Make a block that has the letter s and on the other sides draw a snake, sack, shoe, skunk,or scissors. These would be for letter recognition, not phonetics. These can be erased and new letters can be worked on.


Lay out the blocks and draw a picture with chalk. Mix them up and make the puzzle.

There are many great reasons to make chalkboard blocks. It may be a great day to start on a personal set.


5 thoughts on “How to make chalkboard building blocks

  1. This is such a cute idea 🙂 I guess you are buying the paint…can you get it from a regular craft store? Or do I have to go somewhere special? Greetings Sabine 🙂

  2. You can buy it anywhere that sells paint. It great for wooden Easter eggs. They kids have chalk and can do them over and over.

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