Creating positive habits

Somehow the simple word habit has earned a bad reputation. For whatever reason society is as a whole is trying to stop something bad when they are creating a habit, instead of trying to create good habits. I have a simple idea.


What if we commit, as a group of readers and writers, chose to create 1 new positive habit and share the experience with the world. Are you brave enough to share at least one part of your journey?

In theory, many people say that 21 days of doing something, or not doing something, creates a habit. I am a slow learner, so I imagine it will take me 31 days. That is the set point I choose for myself.

In order to be a positive habit, it must be something you are going to do. It needs to be worded with positive language.

Here is an easy example. Perhaps I want to slow down negative words in my daily thoughts and interactions. It is a worthy goal and it is written in a negative tone. It is about tearing down instead of building up. A more positive spin for my habit building journey would be “I am using kind and thoughtful words in my thinking and my speech.”

Why is wording so important?

The law of attraction works in many different ways. What you think and concentrate on it like putting on glasses to view the world. There are things that can be skewed because of the strength of the glass and the color of the glass can make the world look different.  Your language, spoken and unspoken, is much the same.  We want to be engaged in doing good and positive things instead of putting our energy in negative terms.

Since I am not a “Mary Sunshine” by my very nature, I have to work on restating my thoughts often. (I try and catch them before they come out of my mouth.) It is a little game I play.

Every day, for the next 31 days, I am going to create an action that will help me create my new habit.

Today, I am going to search out five new words and find ways to introduce them into  my thoughts and speech.  Remember, my new habit is more thoughtful speech in my daily conversations and thoughts.

Of course, creating habits requires accountability. So I will tag my accountability thoughts #positive-habits.

I would love you to join the journey with your new positive habits. Wouldn’t it be fun to be a part of a tribe all focused on creating positive habits one action at a time? If you are not ready to create a new habit, perhaps you could volunteer as a cheerleader for the tribe. (Some of us really do better with cheerleaders.) And so it begins.


5 thoughts on “Creating positive habits

  1. Sometimes when we are used to doing things one way, we may find it hard to make a transition that we need to make. It is possible and takes a lot of will power to make that change. I commend you on that first step to change and I will try my best to encourage you to keep making that change.

  2. “Mary Sunshine”….. I love it. Never heard that expression before but its so apt for me. Can I use that?

  3. Sure, my Mom so tried to teach me how to be a little Mary Sunshine, but really I am more of an Eeyore.

  4. Why thank you. I need all the help I can get. (And the boys need more just to live with me.)

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