My last 30 days

The 30 Day Blog Challenge sponsored by Sarah Arrow at has been a journey. I am not certain that I was properly packed and prepared to take the trek, and yet,with a lot of support, I made it to the end.


The benefits of the 30 Day Blog Challenge are many. You begin every day with an email from Sara that teaches you something or if you are a great blogger probably just reminds you of something and puts you back on track. These are always interesting. You may find yourself getting up early to see what Sarah has in store for you today.

The interaction with the Facebook group is amazing. You get to step outside of your comfort zone and experience blogs you may never had found before. You see more styles, make important connections and learn from the group. The more you are willing to participate the more you learn.

You always hear people say there is no such thing as a stupid question. In this challenge that is true. No matter the question it is answered clearly and with respect. That was key for “Technically Challenged Trenna”, me!

I was particularly impressed with the open and relaxed style. It came when I opened my first email and realized that Sarah did something I often do. The PPS, because there are always more good things today.

So I end this little post with a 5 star review and the PPS that turned out to be true.

“PPS Like what you’re reading? Then share it with someone. It’s free but the value is priceless.” Sarah Arrow

And why not a song to celebrate?



10 thoughts on “My last 30 days

  1. Well done completing your challenge – this time next week, hopefully we’ll be in the same club! The song is a great touch btw. x

  2. Oh I love how you picked our hometown hero in my area. You know he is from Start, Louisiana which is only about 30 minutes from where I live. It’s a great song. Hope you decide to go another 30 days with us.

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